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Cass Crest Hog Facility Opening Soon « Back to Search Results Featured Item!
Posted on: January 05, 2017
Category: Agriculture

The newly constructed Cass Crest hog facility is nearly ready to start farrowing hogs. The first set of hogs is expected to come in early January.  The barn, a high tech, high health, top genetics barn will supply breeding sows to many other barns in southern Minnesota. Those barn operators are partners in building as well.

It’s built west of Leader on 80th St. SW, with one large barn connected to a farrowing facility.

Cass Crest representative Bill Crawford said that because it’s a high health barn, random visitors won’t be allowed once the hogs are in the barn. They held an open house for neighbors Dec. 16, to have an opportunity to come inside the barn and look around as construction was still in the process of being completed.

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